140 Trendy Sliding Barn Door and Say No to Swing One!

A sliding barn door is a big change that we can add up to our homes. Do you have any idea what is a sliding barn door? Well, from the word “barn” we can say we make it perhaps from rusticated country old wood style but to tell you honestly, actually, it’s more than that. A sliding barn door is just more than a sliding wood-style door.

We are living in a modern world and yet it seems like we’re still entangled in the old-ways of living. Let’s find out the functions of the sliding barn door and where to use it. What are the things needed to create one? A comparison between the sliding barn door and conventional swing door; and important things to remember on how to install the sliding barn door. So if I were you, just continue on reading.

Sliding Barn Door vs. Conventional Swing Door

We want to live in practical ways and we end up comparing two things to decide which one is better to have. Actually, we have two things here, sliding barn door and conventional swing door. Which one do you think really fits your wants and needs? Well, it’s hard to say to just skip this dilemma. We need to choose between these two kinds of doors or else we’ll end up having no door at all.  Which one is better between these two doors?

Let’s find out!

Sliding Barn Door

  • Space savers.

A sliding barn door can save space and can fit into small spaces. It is possible to require space on the wall but does not need as much floor space to swing open because it lays flat against the wall when they are open.

A barn door is useful not only in big houses but also in small ones because it is where you might need counters.  Or probably you have furniture that needs a place near a doorway and with its sliding door it frees up limited floor space. And also the door itself slide neatly out of the way and makes it easy to move from one room to the next.

  • Versatile designs.

There are three types for the sliding barn door and they are single, double, or bypass door. These types of doors, we can conveniently install them to the different parts of your house wherein it can temporarily separate the combination layout of your homes like the kitchen, dining room and living room.

Whichever the desired type to install, it is important to grant you to move freely. Not just only that you can move freely but also you can hide things you want to hide like for example stuff from your kitchen, bathrooms or perhaps your washing machine. By having this door, you can easily maneuver things around because it can be open all the way.

Perhaps you need to move your big furniture or maybe your hands are full and there’s no way that you need to squeeze into a tiny door. And maybe one member of your family has limited mobility and they’re with a wheelchair or walker, so with this wide-opening door then it’s practical to have it.

  • Alternative artwork.

Remodelers, interior designers and architects adopt an aesthetic design for barn doors to many homes. They can customize those doors according to what people want. We can customize barn doors according to the preferred color, type of material (may it be wood or metal), and also the size of the door.

It is easy to style the sliding barn doors to fit any aesthetic design we want and we can incorporate it with rustic decor and they make most furniture from wood and metal.

Conventional Swing Door

  • It considers a more traditional option. People closed and opened this kind of door in a very usual setup. It can be fully open with no limitation or restrictions of just opening side to side.
  • It is easy for maintenance and space utilization. The conventional swing door is easy to maintain compared with the barn door. It is an advantageous design to use for an L-shaped space.
  • The conventional swing door has ease of operating. It is purely a matter of habit that some people are more comfortable in this conventional swing door instead of the sliding barn door. Yes, they are comfortable swinging back open and close of the door because it is a habit already.


Okay, so you want to have a sliding barn door installed in your home. But the question is, what are the important things to gain to install this door? Since we know already that we have three types of sliding barn door, then probably they have the same hardware kit components as well.

Well, here are the hardware kit components for the sliding barn door system.

  • Track or rail. It is a long straight bar that needs to install above the doorway and it supports the weight of the door and allows the rollers to slide from one side to the other.
  • Rollers or hangers. They are to mount unto the door and allows the door to hang on the track and it has wheels also to enable the door to roll along the track.
  • Standoffs or Wall Spacers. They hold the track away from the wall so that the hangers don’t hit the wall when rolling along the track.
  • Space extenders. It is being mounted as it pushes the entire installation out from the wall so it allows a thicker door to pass without hitting the other door.
  • Acorn Hex Bolts. We use them to mount the hanger to the door.
  • Doorstopper. We need to install it at the end of the track and they are adjustable, so we can place the stopper at any location along the track by tightening the securing screws.
  • Lag bolts/ Expansion bolts. We typically use them when the kit is installed into masonry, brick, or concrete.
  • Floor guides. The purpose of installing this one is to keep the door from swaying back and forth when sliding along the track.
  • Anti-jump pads. They are small disks that screwed into the top of the door and prevent it from coming off the track.
  • Junction plate. We mount it on the bottom half of the track so it doesn’t interfere with the roller as it passes the spice point.


Before installing your sliding barn door, these are the list of things to have and simple reminders.

Hardware Kit Components.

Of course, how would you start your installation project if you don’t have this one right? First thing first, buy your own hardware kit components, but if you want to make your own hardware kit, it’s up to you.

But for me, it’s easier to buy one than doing some welding and cutting process because it will cost you so much time unless you’re a professional of making such.


  • Drill and drill bits. Probably good to use the cordless one. Most people take advantage of DeWalt, Bosch, and Hitachi brands because these brands are one of the best options for the carpentry industry.
  • Socket set. Since we are installing a sliding barn door, we need this tool to tighten or loosen up bolts and screws.
  • Laser level It makes leveling a wall or space quick and easy.
  • Tape measure It is a flexible ruler and used to measure distance.
  • Wood router. It is a tool to hollow out some area of your door, and if you want a beveled mounting door, you can use this tool as an option.
  • Reciprocating saw. This tool allows quick cuts of wood. There are variants and accessories specialized to different uses, such as clamps and long blades for cutting big pipes.
  • Paint sprayer. For finishing color, this tool can make the final touch for your excellent sliding barn door. A useful tool when working with an overhead job.

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Safety glass. This equipment can protect your eyes from falling or flying dust. Since you are working with an overhead job, then it is best to wear this one.
  • Gloves. It can protect your hands from getting cuts or get drilled.
  • Carpentry Dust Mask. Since you are dealing with cutting and drilling woods, we can’t avoid the dust. So it is better for you to wear a mask. By wearing a mask, it can protect your lungs from the harmful molecule of dust.
  • Earmuffs. We use this equipment to protect our ears from the loud noise that you can get from drilling and cutting off materials.
  • Hard hat. This equipment can protect your head from any falling object


  1. Clear the station first. If you just only change the old door and replace it into the new one, then you have to remove securely the old one. You need to clear the area first before getting the real job.
  2. Secure a base probably the mounting board on the top of your door opening. We should fix the mounting board with the studs to ensure that the rail is secure. Calculate the proper height for your rail so your door will slide freely.
  3. Mark and drill the holes for the rail. If the rail does not have holes yet, then you have to drill a hole yourself. If you need additional bolts for your rail, then you need to drill another hole.
  4. Mount the rail above the door opening. After safely drilling the holes of your rail, then it’s time to mount the rail above the door opening. It requires spacers to allow the rollers to move along the rail. You need to use the appropriate drill bit or a wrench to tighten those bolts. And a simple precaution when working with power tools you have to be careful and it is advisable to use applicable personal protective equipment.
  5. Attach the hanger rollers to the door. You should mark and pre-drill the holes first for the rollers or wheels.
  6. Hang the door off to the rail. You probably need to have a partner to hang the door off the rail because it’s possibly heavy. And also it is advisable to follow the guidelines from the company where you bought the hardware component kit to ensure the correct installation of the barn door.



Barn door may install inside of the house and also outside of the house which they called exterior. However, in this article, we’ll focus more on the interior sliding barn door. Interior sliding barn door literally we can see it inside our homes. Wherever niche in your home, barn door is handy and practical if your place needs more space. Barn doors actually a big saver of space. Also, it has aesthetic benefits that interior designers love to have.


We all want to get organized. Surely we wouldn’t want those hanging utensils and food packs to roam around in your kitchen. Instead, we want them to be on one side of the corner, orderly and neatly arranged and safe from those cockroaches. So how are we going to conceal those items from cockroaches? Why not put it in a cabinet with a customized barn door? Doing so may you not only be called the queen of organizing but also the queen of elegance!


When you are not using your washing machine, you can hide it somewhere or you can customize a drawer that has a sliding barn door.

And once you open that door, it just easy to use your washing machine and maximize your space because the barn door is wide open, and it is not a hindrance.


A barn door is a space-saver thing that can divide the different areas of the house. Like for example, our bathroom can separate from the kitchen and to the living room if you have installed that sliding barn door.


Another great idea for our barn door is to install it in the comfort room. By doing so, we can have our very own moment while safely concealed from the other people.


You probably spend a lot of time in the living room and you want some privacy. Installing the barn door is the best idea, it can temporarily divide your living room from the kitchen and playroom. It is a great idea also to have the barn door customized according to your favorite design.


Sliding barn doors are a great way to add storage for your furniture and appliances.

If you don’t need those appliances yet, then you can temporarily hide it.

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