100 Small Bathroom Ideas to Create a Personal Oasis

Even though the bathroom is anyway one of the smallest rooms in the house, in some apartments the bathroom is more than modest, making a relatively simple fitting mission a real challenge. How do you optimize the small space of your apartment’s bathroom in a creative manner? I’ve prepared a list of small bathroom ideas that you can use as a source of inspiration when you start designing or renovating.

Small Bathroom Ideas – General Characteristics

When making a plan for fitting any room, especially the bathroom, you need to keep in mind several things, especially if it is small. If you dream of a more sumptuous decoration, it is necessary to rethink the plan. Create a practical and efficient space without losing sight of the aesthetic aspect!

Here are the things you need to pay attention to:

  • The size of the sanitary items – Ideal are small shower rooms, a suspended sink, and walk-in shower cabins.
  • The color palette – The colors chosen for the ceiling, as well as for walls and tiles have the power to give the impression of a more spacious room. Choose white, beige, light blue or light gray. Or, if you want a particular model on the walls, make sure it is a small, delicate one.
  • Storage particularities – For storing the required items, choose shelves or hanging cabinets or cabinets mounted on the wall. They are ideal to save space while you have all the things you need!
  • Use a wallpaper – Another element that creates the illusion of space is the wallpaper . You can apply it on the wall instead of tiles, especially because there are many moisture-resistant models (vinyl wallpaper or glass fiber wallpaper). It has an affordable price and is available in various design variants to suit your tastes!
  • Consider epoxy flooring – This option is a suitable alternative for sandstone, especially if you want a great decoration. It has a long lifespan, so it’s an intelligent investment!
  • Style considerations – Choosing the right style from the following small bathroom ideas is important. Moreover, it is good for it to match the rest of the house, and its features to meet your needs.

The Modern Style Used for Small Bathroom Ideas

Many people are currently choosing modern designs for the bedroom, dining room or kitchen, as well as for the bathroom. This type of arrangement has as its main features utility and practicality, all these topped by a pleasant atmosphere.

The modern style fits nicely in small bathrooms, because it requires an efficiency-oriented decoration with geometric patterns and straight lines. The structure is well defined and easy to maintain. Moreover, clean materials such as MDF (recommended for bathrooms and kitchens due to resistance to moisture), glass or ceramics are recommended.

When it comes to colors, the color palette is very simple, with neutral and luminous shades. Another feature of modern bathrooms is that they are well-lit, with ceiling-mounted spotlights and secondary illumination sources!

As decorating elements, you can choose plants that grow very nicely in a damp environment and scented candles too!

All this creates a simplistic space, very orderly and airy. For this reason, the small size of the room will not be as dramatic and you will enjoy a welcoming atmosphere with these small bathroom ideas!

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Other Interior Design Styles Suited for a Small Bathroom

Apart from the modern design, you can choose a minimalist or vintage decor. They can adapt very well to small spaces, and are especially suitable if the rest of the house respects the same theme!

Decorate Your Bathroom Minimal

Minimalism is an interior design style that benefits any small room. In addition, it follows the “less is more” principle. Much like the modern decor, the minimalism style is a substitute for it. However, there are some differences.

The minimal style allows you to also use dark shades for walls, floors or furniture. Moreover, the storage spaces must be well thought out. The main idea is not to leave out any care products. So, the cabinets must always have doors.

In addition, the light is rather ambient. However, you have the option to choose spotlights or lighting fixtures, depending on your needs. There aren’t usually decorative items involved, unless they fit perfectly with the chosen theme.

The Vintage Style Applied in a Small Bathroom

The vintage style is one that will never be demoted, being highly appreciated even these days. It is very different from the other styles mentioned so far. Characterized by a rather bohemian atmosphere, this style is both interesting and joyful.

The pieces of furniture are either old, restored, or new, but with a retro design. Because they are made of solid wood, in case of a small or very small bathroom, you have to be very careful to pick the right sizes.

Regarding the sanitary objects, you can choose: deep tubs with feet, square sinks in gold, bronze or copper shades. Moreover, when it comes to flooring, instead of sandstone, choose epoxy paint or larger ceramic tiles.

For added style, select a black and white pattern, such as a chessboard! On the walls, you can use both vintage wallpaper and modern wallpaper. The color palette can vary greatly, depending on your tastes: from non-color combinations to pastels, neutral shades and combinations with strong accents.

Do not forget about metal insertions for sanitary items, mirror, lighting and floral ornaments on furniture or other items!

Aesthetic and Practical Considerations for Small Bathroom Ideas

Small bathrooms are a challenge when we talk about interior design. Being compact, you do not use many materials and you can save money. However, a small bathroom still remains a small bathroom and it can be difficult to find the right pieces of furniture for it.

Pay attention to…

  • To save as much space as possible in a narrow bathroom, you need to take care of the size of the furniture and sanitary items – a smaller bathtub, shower cabin or sink are the most suitable options.
  • Small tiles and paint in open shades will create the feeling of a spacious room.
  • Organize the space with intelligent compartments, or add shelves where you can keep personal hygiene items or towels.
  • Fitting a high cabinet on the wall is also an ideal solution to win space in the bathroom.

  • Do not agglomerate the room with unnecessary decoration elements, but limit yourself to those that give a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere.
  • Lighting is very important in a small bathroom. If you have the opportunity, do not cover the window with dark shutters and install luminaries for main and secondary lighting. Spots are very effective, especially because you can install them all over the ceiling in any way you want!
  • Use large mirrors to create the impression of space. Apart from the mirror above the sink, you can still mount one on the wall. An unusual idea is to create an interesting design from the small mirror pieces for a special decoration!
  • Instead of the usual shower, choose a walk in shower. What exactly does it mean?  The shower is installed directly on the wall or even in the ceiling. Moreover, the space between the showering area and the rest of the bathroom is delimited by a glass door.


  • Since we are talking about a small space, it is necessary to always keep order and things to be well organized. That’s why the type of storage and the solutions you choose are important. We know you’ll want to put as many things into the bathroom as possible, but keep in mind that some cosmetics will deteriorate in the wet room of the bathroom. In addition, the cleaning products are toxic and should be kept in another place.
  • If you choose to install the washing machine in the bathroom, then you can place a small cupboard on top of it for detergents and conditioners. You can also choose shelves to take over some of the storage or you can sum everything up in 2 or 3 deeper drawers.

Use Your Creativity for Small Bathroom Ideas

The Same Color for Walls, Floors and Ceiling

When we say color, we mean white. This would be the color that would give you the least of your headaches and would make the bathroom look bigger. Do not think that white will look boring, not when there are towels and bath mats in a variety of colors. However, if you want more chromatic variety, you can choose neutral and bright shades (pearl gray, pastel yellow, green or light blue), in no case dark colors. This means choosing tiles in the same shade, as this will give you a sense of space continuity, visually enlarging the room. Another trick to avoid fragmentation of space is to use a color as close as possible to the tile’s color.

Go for a Wall With Stripes

Stripes are a very simple way to make any room look bigger. But, you have to take care of the effect you want to get. If you are the owner of a bathroom with a high ceiling, but it looks cramped because it has little space to use, you can do something about it! You can make it more roomy by painting a wall with horizontal stripes in a shade that contrasts with the background. For example, some gray stripes on a white background will give a nice look to the room.

Furthermore, do not draw thin stripes. It would be ideal for the wall to have about five or six lines of contrasting color. If your bathroom’s problem is height, then you will paint a few vertical stripes, following the same guidelines as the horizontal ones.

Small Bathroom Ideas According to Color

Choosing a suitable color palette for the bathroom can sometimes be difficult. That is why you have to consider the size of the bathroom and the style you want to address in its arrangement.

When choosing bathroom colors, keep in mind that the tile should have a lighter shade than the hone, and the tile can have neutral tones.

If you want to combine as many colors as possible, choose small plates.

Combinations of Colors – Two Colors Bathroom

Choosing two colors for a bathroom design may seem simple, but you have to keep in mind the colors you want to combine.

You can choose complementary colors and the tint of the tile must be lighter than the tint.

Shops offer specially designed collections and combinations of tiles and faience that blend harmoniously so that you can choose your favorite model on the spot.

Fashionable Color Ideas for Bathrooms

The ultra violet color was the color of the year 2018. So, any shades close to that color are ideal for setting up a bath.

Purple is a color that expresses refinement and elegance. However, it should be used together with interior decorations for small bathrooms. This it because it will darken and shut down even more space.

Purple can be used for high ceiling rooms or as contrast color to highlight various furniture pieces.

Modern and Energizing Bathroom in Turquoise

Turquoise is a protective and healing color.It can turn your bath into a place full of good mood and suitable for relaxation after a busy day.

If you choose turquoise for finishes, you can combine it with shades like white, light brown or gray.

Turquoise can also be used to fit a modern bath, regardless of size, as it creates the impression of an open space.

Obtain a Natural Setting With a Green Bathroom

Green is a color that brings you closer to nature. In addition, it will give you a dose of optimism during your bath. If you decorate your bathroom in green shades, you will revitalize the room. In turn, it may become your relaxation oasis.

Lighter shades of green can be used for the entire room. As for darker shades, they can be used for just a wall in the bathroom. The combination between green and white is ideal for small bathrooms ideas.

Red is for Bold Bathrooms

The colors you choose to decorate your bathroom can highlight your personality. The red color inspires enthusiasm and also creates an intimate setting in the bathroom.

Specialists choose to use this color for bathroom designs, especially as it can be used regardless of the size of the room.

You can combine various shades of red to create a charming atmosphere or add a secondary color like white, silver or black.

Obtain a Modern and Bright Space With Gray

Gray is another color that inspires elegance and awakens positive energies. This shade is suitable for small and modern bathrooms. Moreover, it creates a vibrant and positive atmosphere.

The advantage of the gray color is that it can easily be combined with other colors, whether it’s furniture or finishes. A winning combination is made of gray, yellow and light blue, as it creates a bright and colorful space.

Your Own Soothing Place With Blue and Cream

Blue is a color that signifies water and sky, inner silence and reverie. It is probably a common option for small bathroom ideas.

Choosing this color in the bathroom will create a bohemian and soothing atmosphere. Used excessively, it can create a pressing atmosphere. So, it’s best to balance it with white finishes.

Beige and cream are suitable for a small bathroom. But, the same goes if you want to add some refinement to your bathroom. The advantage of these two colors is that you can use them in the bathroom regardless of the design of the other rooms.

You can break the monotony of these nuances by adding furniture items in intense colors like red, orange, brown, green or purple.

Small Bathroom Ideas Based on Feng Shui

Not only a practical design can create an organized and enjoyable atmosphere. You can also obtain this atmosphere by adopting a few Feng Shui rules. By doing this, you will activate positive energy and harmony in your home, but also in the bathroom.

Take these rules into account:

  • Choose to decorate your bathroom in pastel shades, warm or cool.
  • Shades of gray and cream, cream, white or light blue are ideal for bathroom fitting, while hard and dark colors can be used on narrow or tiled surfaces.
  • Use wood, marble and natural stones because they help maintain a positive energy.
  • Do not hesitate to place a plant in the bathroom. It will help you balance the energies in the room.
  • Keep a tidy and clean bathroom choosing efficient storage compartments for all the items you need in the bathroom.
  • Position the front mirror face to face with the entrance door to allow the positive energy flow to reach your house.

In conclusion, it isn’t easy to decorate a small bathroom. However, you have all the information you need at your disposal. Take your time and browse through pictures before you decide. Take colors into considerations, as well as furniture type before you think about something else. Keep things simple and you will not fail!

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