49 Small Kitchen Ideas That You Can Do For Your Home

Are you planning to build a house anytime soon? Newlyweds and new families are usually the ones who plan for quite a time before building the house of their dreams. Yet planning and building a house entails a lot of hard work and finances. How big should the house be? Do you plan to have 2 or more bedrooms? Are you thinking of having a large or small kitchen? These are just some of the questions that people should consider before having a house.

Not all houses are blessed to have a huge space allotted solely for the kitchen. Yes, some even struggle to separate the kitchen from the dining area. A lot of designers provide their clients with different designs to suit their style.

But today, big kitchens are actually a thing of the past. It is great to have a huge space, but a small kitchen usually packs a mean punch too! If you want to live in a simple yet functional home, having a small kitchen that defines your personality will be perfect.

With proper planning and efficient use of limited space, you can pull off a pretty kitchen for any house. Here are some amazing designs you can choose – if ever you want to get creative and build a quaint kitchen for your family!

1. Black, white and brown small kitchen

These colors may be common to most people but its the execution of the design that is important such as this one. Notice the painted black elements against a white wall with a wooden floor finish. A counter with stools shows a minimalist approach with a little bar to showcase the booze.

2. Blue and white

More often than not, colors help make a place look big. White, for instance keeps a nook at your house look wide and spacious. Installing kitchen appliances within the cabinets creates a more compact look.

3. Tiny white island

If you plan on dining or spending a quiet time at the kitchen, having a small island at the center looks functional and pretty. Light colors also brighten up the place with a plant centerpiece.

4. Close to nature

Keeping your small kitchen close to the colors and textures of nature is key. It is refreshing to see everyday and building open mini vertical shelves for dishes is very efficient. It saves space and

5. Elegant reflections

If you live in a condominium unit or small apartment, utilizing every centimeter of space is important. So to avoid a cramped kitchen look, choose shiny surfaces. To add on some class, put some fur on your wooden chairs.

6. Dark brown delight

A small space is very challenging for most interior designers. One way of “opening” it up is to have wooden framed glass doors that may lead to the garden or balcony. Dark to medium brown cabinets and counters in contrast with cream or white walls look beautiful once sunlight sets in. Having installed appliances within cupboards and cabinets make way for more leg room in your tiny kitchen area.

7. Marble island

A white backdrop for a small kitchen always works wonders. An island made of a sleek marble top makes it easy to move around while occupying the other side with kitchen appliances. Hang in some pretty lights and a flower centerpiece to accentuate your dining spot.

8. White and gold accent

If you are having a hard time designing a small, rectangular-shaped kitchen, keep it cozy with some white and gold colors. Have lots of cabinets and pull-outs which are built in the walls to help save space. This way, you can easily grab utensils and things for cooking. Whipping a scrumptious meal for your family will be a fun thing to do!

9. Island and stools

Don’t have enough space for a dining table? Make that island double purpose! Aside from using it as a chopping or prep station, put some stools and make it a place where you can have yummy breakfast while reading the paper. Some love a marble island while some like to include compartments in it for storage. You can put your books, bowls and other dining utensils there for easy grabbing. If you have a kitchen like this, you would not want to leave it right away for work, right?

10. Woody classic

Even a tiny place can look like a luxurious kitchen made of wood. Have built in glass cabinets and maximize the walls with dividers to place the plates, cups and other utensils. A small rectangular table at the center can fit for a dining set so it is easier to cook and eat at the same time. Paintings and chandeliers can also add some classic touch to your kitchen.

11. Long island

Is the space allotted for the kitchen slim? Try to have a long island where you can also use as a dining table. White tiles also make it easy for cleanup and having cupboards on top for efficient storage.

12. Corner dining

If your kitchen is already maxed out, try to put a small round table in the corner. Big paintings on the background also create a good effect in making that cozy corner bigger as it is.

13. L-Shaped kitchen

This is a great opportunity to save up some space for your small kitchen! Use the cupboards to store silverware and other things for eating and cooking. Incorporate some appliances into the L-shape counter to maximize the space.

14. Purple and white

Having bold colors in the kitchen helps divide the attention from the cooking area. So be adventurous and try some purple walls and add some throw pillows or bean bags on the floor.

15. Invisible cabinets

Having cabinets that seem to look like a part of the wall helps make a place look clean and spacious. Opt for wooden cabinets as it goes well with any light or dark furniture or fixtures.

16. White Finesse

You can never go wrong with the color white. It makes any kitchen look clean and pleasant to the eyes.  Choose silver appliances and white bordered windows. This color brightens up any  house and will definitely become a favorite spot to hang out!

17. Curtains and Drapes

If space is such a challenge, try to add some curtains or drapes to make it look a bit spacious. This is also good to have some ventilation inside your small kitchen.

18. Play It With Colors

Not all love to incorporate different colors in the kitchen. Most play it safe by choosing neutral colors. But if you are adventurous enough, try some contrasting colors on the walls. Use different textures to add some twist. Sometimes, even a tiny space can look amazing and very functional if you know how to play it up.

19. High shelves

If you have a high ceiling, maximize the walls and put some shelves. Of course, if you are not blessed with ample height, make sure to put the frequently used utensils or things near your reach. Put the jars and other things way up high.

20. Contemporary look

Tiny spaces can easily become a small kitchen if you know how to make functional layouts with a modern design. Ask your architect or interior design how to “accessorize” your small kitchen without making it look cramped. Contemporary kitchen designs usually have a common theme so choose one that suits the entire family.

21. Green love

Are you so in love with nature? Why not bring those plants inside the home? If you don’t want to have withered plants, there is always an option to use the artificial kind. It will get dusty in time, but at least you can clean it. But on your pretty island, put fresh flowers.

22. Less is more

Having a few things or decorations inside the kitchen is actually better than a cramped one.  If you can’t help it, put your things inside the seamless cabinets. Minimize the colors displayed in the room to the primary ones.  A floor length window also looks appealing when the light sets in your cooking area.

23. Tile it up

Most people think that tiles are for the bathroom. Well its the new age already and tiles are perfect for any space in the house! White tiles look amazing in your small kitchen against a dark colored floor. Aside from that, tiles are very easy to clean up so cooking and preparing meals will be twice as fun.

24. Pendant lighting

To add a cool twist to your small kitchen, try installing creative pendant lights above your island or counter. Aside from the much needed lighting you need for cooking or dining, it looks beautiful and sophisticated.

25. Open shelves

If you have very limited space for a lot of things, install open or glass shelves above your counter tops. Aside from saving a lot of space, it looks inviting. Arrange the glassware and kitchenware accordingly so that your small kitchen will not look disorganized.



26. Brick design

Get those white tiles and make them look like bricks on your small kitchen walls. Aside from it looking pretty with black outlines, its easy to wipe off dirt when your cooking gets serious!

27. Large cabinets

More often than not, what makes a kitchen look full and disorganized is the presence of dishes, utensils and bowls that are left on the counter of table. So to give your tiny kitchen a clean and functional look, store the things inside the cabinets – these may be installed or a separate compartment you may put on top or right below the counter.

28. Hole in the wall

If you don’t want too much structure or just want your wall naked with things, try to save some space and install some shelves. Aside from looking beautiful and contemporary, you can store things to display or use in the kitchen. Another design trick you can do here is add contrasting colors so that the kitchen won’t look plain and dull. Don’t be afraid of showcasing your creativity!


29. Light colors

Using white and other light shades as backdrop and on most surfaces of your small kitchen make it seem clean, spacious and pretty. Add some hints of black, grey or silver to complete the dainty nook you have for yourself.


… a pretty small kitchen and the lighting helps make it look big with its high ceiling design.

30. Bricks

Having the walls made up of bricks adds some vintage twist to the entire small kitchen design. Complement the design with some same colors so that your kitchen will have the same theme.

31. Metal shelves

Having a shelf made of metal looks wonderful against a white wall. Some also like to paint it to make it noticeable in the kitchen. You may store your glass jars, ceramics and other bottles up here.

32. Tiny potted plants

Its always a breath of fresh air when you have some flowers and plants inside the house. Most especially if you have some in the kitchen. If you have a wide glass window, hang these plants in small clear, glass containers. Just don’t forget to water them everyday!

…if you prefer plants on the table or counter, you can have this design for your tiny kitchen place.

santa anita race track, shayne blue,

33. Walls with a statement

If you want to get that oomph factor on your wall, choose this design. It adds life to your small nook. Some people love to put colored tiles while there are those who would do free-hand painting.

34. Lines

Vertical lines give your small kitchen some height advantage. Pin lights are also great with this color match as it makes the area look light and clean.

35. Clear stools

Having stools made of glass or plastic lets light pass through creating a pretty effect in your small kitchen.

36. Clear Ceilings

Have a green home and save electricity by putting up glass ceilings above your small kitchen. This goes best in homes in the country or have large trees outside as it gives a beautiful sight. Light can easily pass through so no need to turn on the lights while cooking or dining in the morning.

37. Maximize the wall

Display those chopping boards and other thingamabobs on your plain wall. Adhesive hooks are perfect as you can always remove them if you do some renovations.

38. Convenient trash box

To help save space, have your working or chopping area installed in one of the drawers and make sure to have a garbage box below it for catching. This way, when you are not prepping for a meal, you can easily push the drawer back in.

39. Wooden floors

Wood will always be beautiful. Let it stay as it is or paint on its surface, it won’t lose its essence in any room.

40. Odd one out

Sometimes putting a different color in a room can help add some focus. So this can be the color of your cupboard or even the kitchen island. This spices up your small kitchen a bit and very Instagram-worthy!

…it can also be the color of your rug, water kettle or even the hand towel. The color does not have to be the same shade, as long as it is a total contrast of the entire theme of your small kitchen.

41. U- shaped design

Having this  design help in keeping your small kitchen easy to work around with. The great thing though is that it saves a lot of space and very functional.

42. Blend in your personal corner

A very tiny kitchen means you can easily personalize that area and add your lounging things in it. So that means some throw pillows or a cozy blanket. This space is perfect for cold nights when you can easily whip up some yummy porridge or simply make hot chocolate for yourself!

43. Bar feels

Have your small kitchen seem like a mini bar when you hang out on those cool stools. You can use those open shelves in storing wine glasses and other kitchen essentials. The island or counter can be used for food preparation or a place to dine and hang out with your friends and family.

44. Side storage

If you want your small kitchen to look neat and clean everyday, make sure to have a side drawer to keep cooking utensils and other baking essentials.

45. Hang them up

Got so little space in the kitchen? Add some wooden pegs on the top part of your cupboards and easily hang any kitchen or cooking tools you have.

46. Compartments

If space is a challenge and you have tons of things for the kitchen, add compartments below your island. This is very convenient as it can easily reached by your hands.

47. Light curtains

There are times in the day when sunlight can be so hot and not good for perishable food. So it is best to mask the heat with some light-colored and airy curtains.

48. Granite slab

If you have extras, use that extra granite or marble slab to make a small table where you can dine or hang out. This way, your tiny kitchen can have an upgraded look.

49. Box shelves

Add some shapes to your small kitchen if you have a high ceiling room. Install metal works on the wall and put wooden boxes alternately. You can display your wine glasses, plants and even use these boxes as storage for kitchen supplies. Don’t forget to add some plants to make your kitchen feel fresh.

Hope you gained a lot of ideas in preparation for your small kitchen at the new place! 🙂

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