119 Stunning Studio Apartment Ideas That You Can Call Home

Living in a small space is in this modern world is normal among men and women who prefer to live alone. One of the most common places is the studio apartment where all of the things need to fit into – and it’s challenging. Because of that, we rounded up hundreds of studio apartment ideas that you can check out if you are planning to live in a smaller space alone.

There are so many styles and designs that you can see on this page, but you can stick to the one that fits your preferences. Modern living has become a household name and even those who have deep pockets prefer to live in a studio.

Although there are a few disadvantages in living in a studio apartment, it can be cozy and fun at the same time. Of course, you’ll have to be efficient in decorating and setting up the studio because it doesn’t give you too much space.

Living in a studio feels like living in a bigger bedroom with everything you need – a bathroom, living room, closet, kitchen and anything else. And although there are studios with bigger spaces, you still have to save it in case you need some furniture.

You have all the freedom to design your studio except if you are only renting and your landlord doesn’t allow mounting and painting the wall. But you are not out of luck. There are still a lot of ways to decorate your studio according to your taste.

It can be a modern style studio, rustic, Mediterranean, old school, or anything you have in mind. The ideas are endless and you have all the creativity to make your space a little haven.

Check out these amazing studio apartment ideas that

How to efficiently decorate your studio apartment to save some space

It is true that decorating a house or a place isn’t for everyone. It does require brainstorming and of course, a lot of physical work. But if you are not really into designing, you can hire an interior designer to do all the works for you.

Nonetheless, there are a few smart tips that we can share so that you can design and decorate your studio. Your furniture and decors depend on your budget. If you have great finances, it’s awesome. Otherwise, there are a lot of ways to save money and still achieve the design you like for your place.

First, you will need to ensure that you have the time to decorate and design your studio because it takes a lot of work. Yes, you need time and patience most of all.

  • An effective division is important. If you want to make your bed a little private, you can get a divider that’s not too high. Get one that still takes light reflection, or you can drape curtains if you have all the things you need to hang them just fine.
  • Make use of your walls and ceilings. Just because you have a small place doesn’t mean you can’t have a lot of things around you. Some decors are meant to hang like paintings. Others like a tiny drawer or cabinet where you can put your personal things like papers and other light materials. You can also use your ceiling to put a rack or storage.
  • Use mirrors or mirrored furniture. With mirrors around you, the light will bring reflection that would make you feel like you live in a bigger space. It will also act as if the furniture isn’t too bulky.

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More smart tricks to set up your studio apartment

As soon as you decide to live in a studio apartment, you should be keen on being creative and resourceful. Your space is limited and it’s time to think outside the box.

Studio living might be tricky, but it’s fun and very cozy too, especially when you have all the things you need in technically one bedroom. To help you organize and set everything up with ease, here are some of the unconventional ideas that you may want to try.

  • A piece of big furniture is fine. Don’t think about not having big furniture when you live in a studio. Sometimes, it can help declutter and make you feel like you have a bigger space than the usual studio living.
  • Camouflage your storage. To make your studio look neater, you can buy storage that shares the same color or blends into your space. You can also get storage that looks like something else with hidden storage to make it more stylish.
  • Elevate your bed for more space below. To make another room for storage, you can raise your bed through risers. But if you have a lofty ceiling, you can have an elevated bed where you can make underneath a working area or a closet.

How to decorate your studio on a budget

Every one of us has a favorite – favorite food, place, makeup, or hairstyle. And if you say favorite, it means that you take care of it. Same goes with your place that you want to look great, where you feel comfortable and warm.

There are so many studio apartment ideas out there that you can get inspiration from. If you have a deep pocket, things would be easier for you. But that doesn’t mean that those who have limited finances can’t decorate or set up their studio beautifully.

Many alternatives are there for you that don’t require too much money.

  • Buy inexpensive arts. If you like painting, there are plenty of arts out there that you can buy under $100. Look for the ones that show a lot about your personality. It’s important that your space speaks about you too.
  • Curtains are the best dividers. There are a lot of curtains sold online for those who have a limited budget for decoration. Shop for cheaper, but with great quality curtains.
  • Go for affordable floating shelves. If you are a book lover and can’t get enough of your collection, shop for the cheaper floating shelves that you can just mount on the wall. It can save a lot of space without being messy.
  • Get inexpensive rugs. There are rugs that are too pricey, but that’s not what you want. You can shop online for beautiful and great quality rugs that are reasonably priced. The colors depend on your taste – if it blends into your studio or your personal preferences.
  • Pegboards are creative and affordable. With pegboards, you can always make a statement. They’re also priced within your means.

Keep it simple, but elegant

Decorating a studio apartment can be difficult, but it can be invigorating too. It’s a nice feeling when you step back and watch your place being decorated by your hands.

Although a fancy place is always perfect, it doesn’t have to be that way all the time, especially when you are on a budget. If you want to keep it simple, there are a lot of studio apartment ideas on this page that you can try.

There have been a few tips that we have already shared on this page, but the following can be a big help too when you have limited finances.

  • Use furniture with many functions. When you get furniture, pick those that have multifunction such as an ottoman or a chair with hidden storage. This can be useful if you have a studio and you are trying to save more space for other stuff.
  • Make use of your walls and ceiling. Mount hooks and rods on your wall and ceiling so you can use them to hang your items. For your jewelry and other accessories, you can hang them on the wall-mounted hooks to declutter and easy access. For your ceiling, it’s the best way to put decorations like lanterns. It’s a great idea when you also decorating your studio.
  • Keep good lighting. Dark furniture isn’t bad at all, but if you want to keep your place brighter and warm, put good lighting. Keep your windows clear and use light-colored curtains, linens, and beddings.
  • Use artificial glass and mirrors. To make your studio appear bigger, mirrors and faux glass are a good idea as there will be a bouncing effect.

The corners are important

Take advantage of the corners. Use key holders, racks, and shelves that are wall-mounted and put them in a corner to make use of those spaces.

There are a lot of options available when it comes to racks for the corners. You can even DIY if you are a handy builder. It won’t only save you money, it will also give you a sense of achievement.

Additionally, DIY will also give you what you exactly want when it comes to setting up, organizing, and decorating. So, take advantage of the availability of materials that you already have at home and make use of them to make decors and other stuff for your studio.

Bold, creative, and budget-friendly studio apartment ideas

You don’t have to spend too much when decorating or setting up your studio apartment. There is a lot of furniture and items out there that you can purchase without breaking the bank.

When it comes to decorating your studio, DIY or do it yourself is the key if you don’t like spending a lot of money.

  • Opt for wall decals. If the studio’s walls don’t fit your color preference and repainting would be too expensive, try shopping for affordable wall decals. They’re not just efficient and easy, but they’re very pretty too.
  • Vertical gardening is awesome. Some of us love gardening, but studio living can make it difficult for you. On the plus side, there are a lot of ways to put some plants in your studio without wasting space. Having a vertical garden can out some green lives in your space and it would be better when it’s wall-mounted.
  • A double purpose seating can save more space. One great example is an ottoman that you can also make as storage. There is a lot of this sold online for as low as $50.
  • Make use of the corners. More often than not, we forget about the corners in our house where we can make use of, especially putting some decors. You can try placing corner shelves where you can put a flower vase, photo frames, or anything that looks great as decoration.
  • Go for wall-mounted items. The corners of your studio must be used to save more space, and if your bathroom is small, you can get those wall-mounted soap and shampoo holders.
  • Shop for inexpensive wall mirrors. Always opt for wall mirrors to save space. Round mirrors work best anywhere in the studio like in the bathroom, living room, or bedroom.

More creative studio apartment ideas that you can try

When setting up a studio apartment, you will need to be resourceful and creative. You can be bold, but imaginative at the same time and make use of anything useful.

However, it’s understandable that you’ll have a few headaches when brainstorming. But it’s always fun to do things that you love doing. With studio living, everything is limited, but then again, there are tons of ways to make it a real haven for you.

  • Balancing is a great way of making your studio look bigger. For small spaces, you will need to know how to set it up with balance so that each measurement doesn’t get past each other.
  • Go for bright or light colors. It is not bad to have dark colors, especially when you are into darker shades. But more often than not, a brighter studio can make it look bigger.
  • A two-tone technique is key. This is definitely a good trick to separate corners like your bed nook. It’s like telling your guests that it’s private and they need to step back. It will also make your studio look higher if you focus on the trims. Most designers always go for dark trims like black or brown.
  • Folding glass walls will save space. If you like to separate rooms from the others, there are many cheaper glass walls or doors that you can shop and compare prices.

A few things to consider when setting up your studio apartment

Setting up and decorating your studio can take a lot of time and effort, but that’s how it should start if you want a stunning place. There are things that you need to take into consideration before decorating your studio.

While there are tons of studio apartment ideas that you can get inspiration from, executing might be tricky for you. But here are more pointers for you.

  • Be consistent with colors. Color coordination does magic when decorating your studio. When you have good taste in colors, it works best in making your studio visually bigger. Don’t be afraid of experimenting with colors.
  • Clear furniture helps. With using transparent furniture, it will make the studio look even bigger. You only have to be careful as it might look messy when it’s overdone.
  • Hide everything when not in use. A working desk, for example, can be hidden when you’re not on it. There is a lot of furniture that you can shop from retailers.

A few mistakes to avoid when decorating your studio apartment

While there are so many studio apartment ideas to try, there are also a few mistakes that you need to avoid when setting up your space. These can do wonders in saving more space.

  • Putting oversized tables. Whether it’s a coffee table or a dining table, using too-large ones can be difficult for you to navigate other things. Look for smaller tables that won’t take too much space.
  • Not enough lighting. Darker space is always dramatic, or romantic if that’s how we put it. But enough lighting can add more spectrum to your studio that makes it look bigger. Floor lamps will do best.
  • Too low curtains. Your space is already small and hanging the curtains too low will make it look even smaller. One of the designers’ tricks is hanging the curtains as high as you can to make the studio look higher and bigger. Go for clear curtain rods for transparency.
  • Storage obsession. While there are so many cute storages that you can always purchase online, putting too much can also take a lot of space. Always get those that can store everything in the same box and get the sleek ones so you can just hide them under the bed or sofa.

Studio living might be a challenge, but it’s fun and exciting at the same time, especially when setting it up. There are so many studio apartment ideas available for you if you are planning on getting a studio for yourself.

There is no need to be fancy if you are the type of person who wants to keep it elegant as well. DIY and other affordable prefabricated furniture and stuff are always a good alternative for you.

Make a checklist of everything you need and a game plan to make things easier for you.

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